Notes on using library

Please help maintain a comfortable environment.

  • Please keep quiet and avoid bothering other users in the library.
    There are spaces for group learning;
     University Library (Fuchu): Main Building 2F
     University Library (Koganei): Group Study Room, 3F of North Building
  • If library material is damaged or lost, please contact the service counter immediately. You may be required to compensate for it if necessary.
  • Eating in the library is prohibited.
    However, snacks (rice balls, sandwiches, etc.) are allowed in the refresh area and on the terrace of the University Library (Fuchu). ※Refresh area in Fuchu Library isn't available to avoid COVID-19 infection risk for the time being .
  • Drinks in sealed containers can be brought into the library.
  • Mute your mobile phone and refrain from calling.
  • Do not take photos inside the library with a camera.
  • Keep your valuables with you at all times.
  • You may be refused to use the library if you do not follow the instructions by library staff. Also please refer to the signs on the bulletin board.