Online Services (MyOPAC)

MyOPAC is a personal web page that can also be used off-campus.


  • Student ID card/Staff ID card:TUAT-ID (Staff 6 digits; Student 8 digits)・password
  • Library card/Emeritus Professor Certificate/Guest ID card:Library user number (11 digits)・password※

    Please follow the instructions (only on campus) to change your password when you log in for the first time.

MyOPAC Features

Click here for details. (In Japanese only)

  • Check Status of Loan/Reservation
    You can confirm the materials being borrowed or reserved, extend the loan period, confirm borrowing and return history, and set the email for receiving the duedate.
  • InterLibraryLoan/Photocopy Request
    If a book or journal you need is not available in TUAT, you can order copy of an article or a book from other libraries from a library in another campus or other universities.
  • Change E-mail Address
    You can register a personal email frequently used, which shall be different from your university mail. An email will be sent to the registered email address for notifications from the library, such as arrival of reserved books.
  • Book Purchase Request (only for full-time faculty members of the university)
    You can apply for the purchase of a book with public expense you can select. Click here for details.

    The type of budget needs to be registered in advance.

  • Book Purchase Request (Student)
    If a book for study and research you need is not available in TUAT, students of TUAT(undergraduate and graduate) can request a book purchase. Click here (only on campus) for details.
  • Change Password
    You can set and change your password for logging in to MyOPAC.

    If you have logged in with TUAT-ID, you cannot change your password via MyOPAC.