Photocopy / Print

Photocopying of library materials is allowed only for the purpose of personal study or research. Within the scope of the Copyright Law, only a single copy for a part of a work can be made per person.
Please fill in the "Application Form (for photocopy)". You can choose either copy by yourself with copy machines or by the library staff.

Photocopying by prepaid card

A copy machine (black and white only) and an on-demand printer (color printing, scanner, printing via PC or USB storage) are located in the library. For details on how to use them, please refer to the manual attached to the machines.

Copy cards for public expense cannot be used for on-demand printers.

Copy card for private expense: It is sold by UNIV. Co-op store only.
Copy card for public expense: You can apply for it at the service counter of Fuchu library. (8:45-17:00, on weekdays, except 12:00-13:00)

Photocopying by library staff

  • Reception time: 8:45-16:30, on weekdays, except 12:00-13:00
  • Fee:  20 yen/sheet for black and white, 100 yen/sheet for color.
  • Payment:
    • Private expense:
      Cash payment is made at Koganei Accounting Office at Administration Building, General Affairs Section in University Library (Fuchu). If you would like a copy of a doctoral dissertation or need a receipt for cash payment, please apply at the service counter.
    • Public expense:
      The deduction from your budget will be done at the beginning of the year. Please apply at the service counter of Koganei library.
      Format: Application Form (for photocopy at public expense) (Excel / PDF)