Remote Access(GakuNin)

You can use some of the off-campus e-journals and databases with your GakuNin.
For use by faculty, researchers, and students at the TUAT only. Please follow <Attention> and use it correctly.

Use GakuNin (Shibboleth)

  1. Visit the e-journal/database that is accessible with GakuNin and click the login button.
  2. Select the login institution.
    Ex. "Institutional Login" ; "Log in via Shibboleth".
  3. Choose GakuNin and the affiliated institution (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology).
  4. Enter the TUAT-ID and password.
  5. Please check the information, and click "Accept" to continue it.

Services accessible via GakuNin

Only subscribed titles by TUAT can be used.



If the "Authentication Preference Selection" screen appears, select "IP Authentication".

Please confirm the TUAT-ID on the website of the Information Media Center.(In Japanese only)

For details on GakuNin, please visit the website of the  Academic Access Management Federation in Japan.