Library Guide -2023-(In Japanese only)

This is a guidebook mainly introducing electronic information services provided by our library.
You can learn how to find the academic papers and information you need to write reports and papers.


1. Library Website

1.1 Library Website
1.2 MyOPAC
1.3 Document Copying/Borrowing Service (ILL)

2. Search for Books and Journals

2.1 Book/Journal Search Flow
2.2 Searching for Books via TUAT OPAC
2.3 Searching for Journals via TUAT OPAC
2.4 E-journal
2.5 TUAT Academic Institution Repository
2.6 CiNii Books
2.7 National Diet Library
2.8 Tools for Searching Books and Journals

3. Search for Journal Papers

3.1 Search articles
3.2 JDreamⅢ
3.3 Web of Science
3.4 SciFinder-n
3.5 CiNii Research
3.6 List of Literature Databases
Column Title and Differentiation Method of Cited Documents and References

4. Searching for Research Information and Professional Data

4.1 Searching for Research Information
4.2 Searching for KAKEN Reports
4.3 Searching for Doctoral Theses
4.4 Searching for Patents and Standards
4.5 Searching for News Reports