Visiting other libraries

If a book or journal you need is not available in TUAT, you can visit other university’s library.
Some universities may require an appointment beforehand. Please apply to the service counter of TUAT library by 17:00 on weekdays.
We will confirm the collection status and rules of the libraries. A letter of introduction is issued at the service counter of TUAT library if necessary.

It may take several days to receive a reply from the other libraries. Please apply for it at least a few days before you visit.

Without a library confirmation and a letter of introduction in advance, you may not be able to use the other libraries.

Use of Tama area five national universities (with mutual use agreements)

Libraries of five universities (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo Gakugei University, The University of Electro-Communications, Hitotsubashi University, and Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology) in the Tama area (Tokyo western area) can be used without a letter of introduction based on mutual use agreements.

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