【For TUAT members】Borrowing and reading library materials (From June 15th)

The library will resume on-site lending service from June 15th (Application in advance is required). Only library-owned materials are available. (Materials that are in the laboratory cannot be borrowed.)

Materials for in-library use only (e.g. study related references), journals, reference books, and newspapers cannot be reserved online via MyOPAC. Please refer to “Requests for usage of library materials by submitting an application form” below.

○ Reservation for borrowing and receiving library materials via MyOPAC

Access to stacks are not permitted. Application in advance via MyOPAC is required to borrow materials. Library staff will retrieve the materials from stacks and lend them at the service counter.

<How to apply> ※Operation procedure

  1. Login to MyOPAC. (How to Login:See How to Use MyOPAC)
  2. Search the material you require via Online Catalog(TUAT) and click the icon in “reserve“ field on the detailed results screen.
  3. Select the receipt counter and confirm your reservation. To reserve materials that are not out on loan held in the library of your own campus, select the receipt counter with “ (reserve books on shelf) “ at the end. Select the receipt counter without “ (reserve books on shelf) “ at the end when you want to request materials from other campuses, or to make a reservation for materials out on loan.
  4. When the materials are ready, you will receive a confirmation email. Please follow the instructions written in the email, and come to the library service counter with your library card (Student ID / Staff ID) within the opening hours.
  5. Please show us the confirmation email (print or screen) at the service counter.

If materials are borrowed by other users, or there are previous reservations, we will inform you on a first-come and first-served basis, when the book has returned.

<Reservation period>
The reservation period is within a week. If you do not come to receive the materials within a week, the reservation will be canceled. If you are unable to come to the library due to unavoidable circumstances, please let us know by email.

<Number of reservable materials>
Within 10 books

○ Requests for usage of library materials by submitting an application form

Please submit an application form to the library service counter in order to request materials not available for reservation via MyOPAC such as journals, reference books, and newspapers, or materials for in-library use only (e.g. study related references). Library staff will retrieve the requested materials from stacks. We will let you know when the materials are ready, so please be seated and wait for a while.

Entry example:Fuchu Library / Koganei Library

Depending on congestion, it may take some time. Please apply well in advance.

Materials have not been borrowed must not be returned to the shelves. Please return them to the service counter after use.

For inquiries or information, please contact the Information Service Section of the library (Fuchu and Koganei)

◎ Contact
・Fuchu Lib. : Information Service Sect. E-Mail: fservice_at_cc.tuat.ac.jp
・Koganei Lib. : Information Service Sect. E-Mail: johok_at_cc.tuat.ac.jp