2022.4 - 2023.3


【For TUAT members】How to use Work booths and Group study rooms in Koganei Library ※10/6 up

Koganei Library has installed two work booths for individual use in the browsing corner on the 1F of the reading room. Work booths are available for online classes and job interviews that require conversations.
In addition, from October 3rd, the capacity of Group study room 4 has been changed to 5 users (the capacity of Group Study Rooms 1 to 3 remains 4 users)
Please confirm the following information before your application.
Please note that we may change the services depending on the situations.

○ Period
From October 3rd, 2022 to for the time being

○ Purpose of use
Work booths and Group study rooms are available for the following purpose of study and research.
e.g. : Online classes, Online laboratory seminars, Online job interviews, Group study (only in the group study rooms)

Online classes without conversation are available in any seat in the library. Please use headphones or earphones.

During period of classes, you can also use 3rd floor of North building for group study up to 6 users without reservation.

○ Number of users
Work booths : 1 user per booth
Group study rooms 1~3 : up to 4 users per room
Group study room 4 : up to 5 users per room

○ Usage limits
Up to 200 minutes a day.

○ How to apply

・Reservations are available online or at the service counter from one month in advance.

・Application form can be also accessed from "Facility Reservation" on the front page of the Library website.

<Application deadline>

  • Reservations via the web form can be made by 5 p.m. on the previous weekday.
  • If there are no other reservations, group study rooms are available without a reservation. Please come to the service counter.

○ Rules

・You are required to disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer provided at each room.

・Wall sockets are available.

・Please keep the door open for ventilation in the group study rooms.

・Please wear a mask and keep an appropriate distance away from others in the group study rooms.

・Please wear your headphones or earphones in the work booths (not completely soundproof).

・Eating in the library is prohibited. Drinks in sealed containers can be brought into the library.

・Your reservation will be canceled automatically if 15 minutes have passed from the reserved time without contact.