2022.4 - 2023.3


Interlibrary Loan(ILL) service suspension to other libraries

Interlibrary Loan service(photocopying and books) at university libraries across Japan will be suspended from January 23rd 2023 to January 31st 2023 for the data migration process.
Please make your request well in advance.

We will accept requests from users, but the materials may be arrived at February for your request after January 16th.

※Please note that even if you make your request before January 16th, the materials may be arrived at February.
 ILL service suspension will affect many other libraries. Therefore, it may take time to arrange materials than usual.
※Delivery service(photocopying and books) within TUAT will be available.

◎ Contact
・Fuchu Lib. : Information Service Sect. (TEL: 5577 / fservice_at_cc.tuat.ac.jp)
・Koganei Lib. : Information Service Sect. (TEL: 7169 / johok_at_cc.tuat.ac.jp)