2022.4 - 2023.3


Long-term book borrowing during the spring break

The period for long-term book borrowing is as follows:

Students scheduled to graduate in March

  • Periods: 25th January (Wed) – 2nd March (Thu)
  • Return due date: 17th March (Fri)

For those who will continue to be enrolled at the university from April and wish to extend the period of borrowing books and materials, please consult the library counter. 

Students or staff that are scheduled to leave in March

  • Periods: 25th January (Wed) – 23rd March (Thu)
  • Return due date: Valid until enrollment or employment period expires.

If the final enrollment/employment date overlaps with a public holiday, the expiry date will be the day before.

Current students and staff

  • Periods: 25th January (Wed) – 23rd March (Thu)
  • Return due date: 7th April (Fri)

The extension of return due dates for books or materials borrowed long-term is prohibited.

Below lists the books and materials not applicable to long-term borrowing.
○journals ○reference books