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Notice of terminated SciFinder and request of migrate SciFinder-n

SciFinder will be terminated on June 30, 2022.
New version of SciFinder, SciFinder-n has been available since April 2022.
Please migrate saved SciFinder answers and alerts to SciFinder-n by June 30, 2022.

Access SciFinder-n


・If you have already registered with SciFinder, you can use the same username and password.
・For new users, you must create your own username and password to use SciFinder-n.
※Available only on Campus

【Important】Notice of terminated SciFinder

Please migrate within the combined period with SciFinder.

【How to migrate saved SciFinder answers and alerts to SciFinder-n】
If you are an existing SciFinder user, you may want to migrate your saved answers and alerts to SciFinder-n.

  1. Click "★ Saved" in the upper right corner of the CAS SciFinder-n top screen after logging in to SciFinder-n.
  2. Click "Migrate Alerts & Saved Results(Keep Me Posted)" to migrate.

If you saved in .akx format SciFinder answer, call the answer in the current SciFinder and then perform the above step. (CAS SciFinder-n cannot read .akx files).

Migrate Saved CAS SciFinder Answer Sets and Alerts