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【For TUAT members】Partial resumption of services from June 15th (Fuchu library)

※This page is previous information.

Since the campus entry restrictions will be lifted, Fuchu library will reopen from June 15th restricted to TUAT members. To prevent the re-spreading of COVID-19, limited services will be provided as below. Please confirm the following information before your visit. Please note that we may change the services depending on the situations.

From June 15th, 2020 to for the time being

Opening hours
Weekdays/ 8:45-17:00, Saturdays and Sundays/ Closed

Eligible users
Faculty, staff, and students of TUAT Users not affiliated with TUAT cannot enter the library.

Conditions for using the library

・Those having any physical discomfort, or not wearing a face mask cannot enter the library.

・Please wash your hands, disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer, and follow proper coughing etiquette.

・You are required to disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer provided at the entrance.

・Admission may be restricted depending on the congestion.

・Please refrain from having conversations between users and keep an appropriate distance away from others in the library.

・Please refrain from staying for a long time unnecessary.

Borrowing and reading library materials
Access to stacks are not permitted. Application in advance is required for borrowing or reading. Please search for the material you require via Online Catalog(TUAT) to check the location and status before you apply.

Please see here for how to apply.

Returning library materials
In order to avoid close contacts and prevent infection, please return library materials to the book post. However, books borrowed from other libraries and audiovisual materials must be returned to the service counter.

For the time being, returned materials are kept in a storage area to be left in isolation for a specific period of time for disinfection before going back to the shelf. Please note that they may not be available immediately after return.

Users who cannot come to the library can also return materials of TUAT library by mail or parcel delivery service. See here for further information.

Usage of reading seats, facilities, and equipment
・Users can only access to designated areas in the 1st reading room.

・The number of reading seats are reduced so that users can sit keeping distance to others.

・Please refrain from moving desks and chairs.

・Do not leave your belongings unattended for occupying reading seats.

・On-demand printers, OPAC terminals, and Wi-Fi services are available as usual.

・Following areas are suspended for the time being.
2nd – 5th Reading rooms, Group study rooms, Seminar rooms, Audio-visual room, and Refresh area
However, faculty in case of absolute necessity for your seminar or class is kindly asked to consult the Information Service Section of Fuchu library. (E-Mail: fservice_at_cc.tuat.ac.jp)

○ Interlibrary Loan
The library will resume all of the ILL services. However, please note that the services may be delayed or in some cases it might not be possible to obtain the material due to closure or contraction of other libraries. Please apply well in advance.

○ Delivery services for users who have difficulty visiting the library
We will provide materials necessary for your study and research. Eligible users are those who cannot come to the library since they are not living in the Great Tokyo area (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, or Yamanashi).
Please note that postage is to be paid by the user. See here for details.

For inquiries or information, please contact the Information Service Section of Fuchu library (fservice_at_cc.tuat.ac.jp)