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Restrictions to prevent spreading the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) ※4/1 up

※This page is previous information.

To prevent spreading the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the service of TUAT Library(Fuchu, Koganei) is partly limited as below. Please check the latest updates on our website.

For visitors

Access to TUAT Library (Fuchu, Koganei) is limited to TUAT members only during the period below.

  • Period:  - 6th of May

※ We will consider the resumption of service in late April.

For TUAT members     

Due to the extension of requests to refrain from non-essential and non-urgent entrance to campus, the library has changed some of the services as follows until 19th of April.

  • Opening hours :  Weekdays/ 8:45-17:00, Saturdays and Sundays/ Closed
    Please check the latest updates on "Library calender".
    ※Koganei Library is closed until April 12th. For details, please see “Temporary Closure of Koganei Library (Until April 12th)”.
  • Return : Materials borrowed from TUAT libraries can be returned to the book post in front of the library at all times.
    You can also return the books by mail or parcel delivery service that provides a tracking number record to prove shipment. Borrowers are responsible for postage.
    ※The library has extended the due date along with changes to the academic calendar.
    Due date for all books originally on April 8th will be extended to April 20th.
    You do not have to do the extension procedure on your own.
Koganei Lib. : Information Service Sect. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Koganei Library 2-24-16, Naka-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo, 184-8588 (TEL: 7169 / johok_at_cc.tuat.ac.jp)

Fuchu Lib. : Information Service Sect.  Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Fuchu Library 3-5-8, Saiwai-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo,183-8509  (TEL: 5577 / fservice_at_cc.tuat.ac.jp)
※Please note that the books borrowed from other libraries and audiovisual materials must be returned to the service counter without putting them in the book post.
※Koganei Library is closed until April 12th. For details, please see "Temporary Closure of Koganei Library (Until April 12th) ".
  •  Suspension of facilities : The following facilities are suspended.

     【Koganei Library】
        ・Group study room 1-4 ※1
        ・2F of the Reading rooms
        ・Open group work space(North building 3F)※2

       ※1 Faculty members considering to use for classes or laboratory seminars, please contact the service counter.
       ※2 We may change the suspension depending on the situations.

    【Fuchu Library】
        ・Group study room 1-4
        ・Seminar room A and B
        ・Audio-visual room
        ・Refresh area

    ※ Conversation is restricted.
    ※ Please avoid unnecessary lengths of stay to prevent infection.

※ Resumption from April 20th will be considered depending on the situation.

  • Other Notices
    ・If you are concerning about your physical condition, please refrain from entering the library.
    ・Windows are kept open at some areas in the library for ventilation.
    ・ Keep a distance from other users in the reading rooms.
    ・ Wash your hands with water and soap frequently.
    ・ Please follow “Coughing Manners” such as wearing facemasks, cover your cough or sneeze
         with a tissue.